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1.  Accessing the website:

This Disclaimer regulates Users’ access and use of the website in order to provide information about the institution’s services and products and allow all Internet Users general access thereto.

The persons accessing and/or using the website are considered to hold the position of Users and implies their acceptance, with no reservations of any kind, of each and all of these general terms and conditions, as well as other special terms and conditions, if any, which govern the use of the Portal and the services associated therewith.

Users must carefully read the Disclaimer and the Privacy and Cookies Policies when they intend to use the website, since FUNDACIÓ EURECAT reserves the right, at any time and with no prior notice being necessary, to carry out any modification or update of the contents and services, these access and use provisions and, in general terms, any element included in the website’s design and configuration. If Users do not accept the conditions for access and use, they must abstain from using the website and its contents.


2.   Using the Website:

Users must carefully use the website, as well as the information related to the services and/or activities offered there, being fully subject to the applicable regulations as well as the rules for moral and generally accepted good conduct and public order, as well as the conditions for access and use and any other terms and conditions included on the website.

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3.    Functioning of the Website:

If the User fails to comply with the terms and conditions in this Disclaimer or the Privacy and Cookies Policies, FUNDACIÓ EURECAT reserves the right to restrict, suspend and/or refuse access to the website, adopting any technical measures that may be necessary for such purpose. FUNDACIÓ EURECAT will make every possible effort to maintain the correct functioning of the website, avoiding any errors or repairing them, and to keep the contents up-to-date. FUNDACIÓ EURECAT does not guarantee the availability or continuity of access to the website nor the absence of errors in the contents thereof.


4.    Liability:

Users are the sole parties responsible for the use they could make of any of the website’s information or mechanisms.

FUNDACIÓ EURECAT shall not be held liable for any damage to Users’ hardware and/or software caused by accessing or using the website. Similarly, it shall not be held liable for the damages that could be caused due to accessing and/or using the information on the website and, in particular, those that may occur in IT systems or caused by a virus and/or cyber-attacks, crashes, interruptions, absence or defect in communication systems and/or the Internet.

Users shall be held liable for any damages that FUNDACIÓ EURECAT could be caused as a result of failing to comply with any of the obligations undertaken by virtue of this Disclaimer, applicable regulations and the Privacy and Cookies Policies.


5.     Policy on links (linking website and linked website):
  1. a) Linking website:

Third parties that intend to include a link to this website on a different website must fulfil the laws in force and may not host inappropriate, illegal, pornographic or violent content, etc.

Under no circumstances whatsoever shall FUNDACIÓ EURECAT be held liable for the contents of the website nor does it promote, guarantee, monitor or recommend the contents thereof.

If the linking Website does not comply with any of the aforementioned terms and conditions, it must delete the link immediately.

  1. b) Linked website:

This website may include links to websites belonging to third parties that Users are allowed to access. However, FUNDACIÓ EURECAT shall not be held responsible for the contents of these linked websites, instead Users will be responsible for accepting and checking the link every time they access it.

The purpose of these links or notifications does not imply the support, approval, marketing or any relationship whatsoever between Fundació Eurecat and the persons or institutions that own the sites where they are located.


6.       Intellectual and industrial property rights for the contents:

FUNDACIÓ EURECAT or its licensors are the holders of all the intellectual property rights regarding the contents of the website, this being deemed to mean all the designs, databases, underlying computer programs (including source codes), as well as the different elements included on the website (texts, images, photos, colours, etc.), structure, order, etc. The trademarks and trade names (“distinctive signs”) are owned by FUNDACIÓ EURECAT or the licensors.

The use of the website by Users does not imply the assignment of any intellectual or industrial property right thereto. The User is categorically prohibited from reproducing, copying, distributing, providing or, in any other manner, publicly disclosing, converting or modifying the contents or the distinctive signs, unless it has obtained authorisation from the holder of the corresponding rights, or if it is legally allowed.


7.      Advertising:

The website may host advertising or sponsored contents. The advertisers or sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted to be included on the website fulfils the laws that may be applicable in each case.

FUNDACIÓ EURECAT shall not be held liable for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that the advertising and sponsored contents may contain.


8.       Applicable law:

This Disclaimer shall be governed and construed according to Spanish law.

The parties hereby agree to submit any dispute that may arise related to access to the website to the jurisdiction of the relevant courts and tribunals, according to consumer and user regulations.


9.       Contact:

Users may contact us through this email address: for any query or comment regarding this disclaimer.